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For one or more industrial sites, we address all your energy efficiency needs.

illustration stratégie Multi-annual strategy and monitoring
illustration project Investment projects
illustration finance Financing

Strategy and monitoring

We make an analysis of your usage of resources and with this we can work out a plan that makes your business compliant with regulations. 

We help you to monitor your action plan on a regular basis to validate that you have met your objectives.

Decarbonisation strategy

Define an operational master plan to achieve your energy conservation goals in the next two years.

Leverage a high-level view that is based on field results and that influences how your plants will change.

Detailed mapping of your energy use

Optimisation scenarios and master plan

Energy policy and deployment plan for multiple plants

Funding options

Efficiency monitoring

Continue to improve how you monitor energy conservation on plants, and plan ahead to remain compliant with laws.

Energy measurement optimization

Dashboard design based on your monitoring KPIs

Deployment of a connected monitoring tool that fits your IT infrastructure

Financial engineering

Energy management training on site

Follow-up consulting with your teams

Regulatory audit

Take the first step toward continuously improving your energy quality.

Every four years for European companies with more than 250 employees or more than 50 million euros turnover, you must implement an action plan for energy conservation.

Performance measurement of energy-intensive equipment

Analysis and action plan

Reporting to regulatory organizations

Financing options

ISO 50 001

Bring together all stakeholders around a quality framework that outlines how your objectives should be achieved.

Energy policy and goals

Energy efficiency master plan

Preparatory audit

Dashboard design based on your monitoring KPIs

Energy management training on site

Multi-year support

Ensure compliance and drive continuous optimization actions.

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Experts dedicated to monitoring your industrial sites

Animation of connected monitoring with your teams

Consistent deployment across multiple sites

Investment projects

We help you make the right choices that combine reliability and energy efficiency, considering the constraints of your plant.

We oversee the project to guarantee compliant commissioning.

Our expertise

Performance of industrial processes

Make decisions based on data and simulations to improve your processes.

Analysis of utilities and processes can uncover more energy savings.

Identification of energy consumption needs for targeted devices

Technical and financial analysis of selected improvement scenarios

Financial engineering

Specifications and selection of providers

Commissioning and implementation follow-up

Performance of industrial buildings

Select the right providers for ensuring the regulatory compliance of your buildings, which are closely tied to the processes on your plant.

Evaluation of existing performance

Analysis and action plan

Financial engineering

Specifications and selection of providers

Renewable energy sources

Choose the most appropriate low-carbon energy source for your plant: solar panels, biomass, or cogeneration.

Analysis of your plant’s energy consumption needs

Technical and financial analysis of selected improvement scenarios

Specifications and selection of providers

Financial engineering

Commissioning and implementation follow-up


The financing of energy efficiency measures is different in each country and at local level.

Industrial companies need to know what options are available, how they can be combined. In many cases, an in-depth technical analysis is needed for a project to be financed.

Financial engineering

Evaluate which financing options are available to you.

Free yourself of the administrative burden and leave it to our experts to manage your application until you receive the funding.

Evaluation of your project’s eligibility

Technical and legal application

Administrative coordination and follow-up

Tracking of your application until you receive the funding

You have an investment, compliance project,
or funding ? Lemon Energy accompanies you.

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