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Industrial processes at the heart of our methodology

We study the use of energy throughout your production system, to offer you solutions that are best fit for your product transformation needs.

We proceed in three steps.


Eco-design and optimize the process


Valorize heat waste


Evaluate self-generation options

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Certified expertise


Lemon Energy meets the requirements of the OPQIBI qualification for the analysis of the energy efficiency of industrial processes (1717), which is necessary for the performing regulatory energy audits.


Lemon Energy is IPMVP-qualified. IPMVP is a protocol recognized in France by ADEME for the measurement and verification of energy savings in buildings and the industry.



Lemon Energy is a Qualiopi-certified training organization (N° 2021/95620.1).

We offer accommodations for people with disabilities and will respond to specific needs on an individual basis. Trainings must be registered for two months in advance.

Lemon Energy has been selected by ADEME to mentor industry experts in their energy efficiency approach on the field, as part of the PRO REFEI training of energy managers for the industry.

This training aims at improving industrial energy efficiency, creating a network of energy managers, and implementing concrete actions.

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We work with multiple industrial sectors.


Cheese and dairy

This sector presents major thermal challenges: Regulation of ripening and pasteurization cycles, thermal and chemical management of on-site cleaning, and optimization of heat flows for drying towers, concentrators, and phase change processes.

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Chocolate is formed by mechanical and thermal energy. From roasting to tempering, heat flows must be regulated, especially when mixing the cocoa in conches so that the chocolate doesn't solidify. Cleaning, which consumes energy, is another optimization lever.

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Brewery and drinks

In breweries, heat can be used in the thermal cycles of pasteurization, fermentation, filtration, aging, boiling and brewing. As for packaging, energy optimization of pasteurization and bottle cleaning also saves water and chemical products.

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Welding and glassware

High-temperature processes require special expertise. Above all, the optimization of the operating media (cold, heat, air compression, vacuum) requires complex and very specific settings.

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The challenge in this sector is to regulate and optimize the production of cold and heat for air treatment, both for the process and for comfort in the workshops. The temperature and hygrometry control is done according to the use (white rooms, grey rooms, laboratory, etc.).

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Fine chemistry

In many recipes with different operations, the processes of separation of components (distillation, drying, filtration, concentration) and reaction between components (reaction, extraction) are very energy intensive and require thermal control.

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M.LAMOTTE [Facility manager]


In order to reduce the cost price of the Ariane 6 program, ArianeGroup decided to reduce energy consumption at the Toulouse site.

This project, carried out in partnership with Actemium, will enable us to monitor and react quickly to any deviations in consumption, without having to wait for the bills from our energy suppliers.

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