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Telescope James Webb's low-carbon adventure

On December 25, 2021, the James Webb Space Telescope, the largest ever built, was launched by an Ariane 6 rocket from Kourou, Guyana. Developed by NASA in cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), Webb will be able to see galaxies up to 200 million years after the birth of the universe.

#Client story #Chemicals Lemon Energy 3/29/23
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Dairy and cheese production: energy savings at the heart of competitiveness

Far from sparing the cheese industry, energy challenges are now determining its level of performance. Industry players are striving to maintain their production capacity and reduce their energy expenses by optimizing their energy mix and committing to a gradual decarbonization process. It is important to remember that even a 10% drop in gas supply could hinder the operation of these industries.

#Dairy Lemon Energy 11/16/22
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ADEME's Transitions 2050 scenarios: Focus on industry

In its report titled "Transitions 2050," ADEME examines potential scenarios for following the trajectory of the National Low Carbon Strategy. This comprehensive study across all sectors demonstrates that reducing emissions is still achievable, but it requires drastic decisions. Lemon Energy has analyzed this report and identified key issues for the industry to succeed in this transition.

#Environmental strategy Lemon Energy 8/1/22
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The Tertiary Decree: industry is concerned

The first deadline of the Tertiary Decree is September 30, 2022, the date by which you must declare a reference consumption of your tertiary activities in order to achieve the reduction targets set by the regulation.

#Regulations 6/1/22
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