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Master your low-carbon strategy

We provide energy-focused consulting services to enhance industrial performance.

We use process modeling and predictive analytics to support companies in the development of their energy plans.


A few indicators of the concrete impact of our clients’ projects.


Reduction of 29,160 tons of CO2 per year*


Between 10% and 60% observed reduction of energy consumption


43% of CAPEX subsidized on average


Increased performance, for 315 industrial clients

*This corresponds to the emissions of approximately 2,600 people in France each year

Make decarbonization a competitive advantage

It is becoming essential to act on rising energy costs and changing regulations.

To achieve measurable results over time, you must bring your company together around an energy transition master plan.

Find out about our strategy and performance monitoring services


Enhance your projects’ return on investment through energy savings

When making improvements or changes to your production process, keep energy savings in mind.

Consider technical and economic choices that will improve reliability and energy performance, while also reducing your carbon footprint.

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Get your energy efficiency improvements financed

European, national, and local financing options for energy conservation are available and can be combined.

Usually, an in-depth technical analysis is required for the financing of an installation.

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End-to-end services

We offer a comprehensive service that supports you from the investment strategy to the performance monitoring of implemented solutions.

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Take action

Establish a concrete action plan, based on pragmatic and independent choices, and monitor results over time.

Dedicated to industrial needs

We help you to save energy in your company, by giving you independent advice and expertise.

We provide you with a solution which is tailored to your needs, without any link with energy suppliers or equipment manufacturers.

We find the best solution for your needs, by analyzing all possible levers.

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End-to-end support

We support you from design stage to commissioning and ensure that your teams gain the necessary skills.

We rely on a network of partners to cover all your needs.

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Innovative solutions

Our service integrates algorithms to ensure that you meet your decarbonization objectives over time.

We design bespoke dashboards that enable you to detect drifts and to check the reliability of your equipment.

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Want to achieve energy consumption reduction goals ?

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